Personal Shopping

My passion for fashion doesn’t stop at commercial work. I also love to work with individuals who also love fashion but just need some help to achieve their dream style. Think of me as your personal friendly neighbourhood stylist, working to your budget and using all of my industry experience and know how to Create, revamp or reinvent your wardrobe and new look inline with seasonal trends and predictions.

Obviously Covid has put kink in the velvet high waisted Gucci trousers of personal styling but with the power of Zoom I can be on hand to help you look the best you can be. Here are my rates and please feel free to drop me an email with any questions or queries.

Zoom Consultation
Wardrobe Edit


This involves going through your current wardrobe and scaling down to more of a capsule collection, followed by me sending you a list of new pieces to add your scaled down wardrobe.

Half Day Shopping


This package is ideal if you have a special occasion to go to, are going on holiday, looking for the perfect pair of jeans or would like a mini style update.

Full Day Shopping


This package works for someone who either looking to completely revamp there look, just had a baby and is looking to find their new yummy mummy style or someone who has just lost weight and now doesn’t know what to wear